Jaws (1975) and Bob’s Burgers S03E06, The Deepening (2012)

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Clint told him to do it for the vine

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Ms. Marvel #6

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Master Post of the best of the great “Show us your dick”-a-thon of 2014.

Here’s the previous one.


Ms Marvel #6

I love that this is a real comic and that I got to draw it. And I love that tumblr has uploaded THE ENTIRE ISSUE as photosets. But mostly I love drawing grumpy li’l Wolverines.

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One Piece Favorites: Doflamingo’s Speech at the War of the Best
"Pirates are evil? The navy is righteous? Those views change as often as the tides! Kids who don’t know peace have different values from those who don’t know war. Those who stand at the top can decide on the definition of “evil.” This whole place is a turning point. Justice will triumph… you say? Well, of course it will!
Whoever wins the war, becomes justice!